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All information and materials presented on the Gibraltar Geoportal have been prepared for the purposes of sharing and exchanging geospatial data.

A new GIS layer has been developed by RAF Gibraltar, the Director of Civil Aviation and ITLD to describe to Developers and Constructors the height limitations on construction imposed by safety requirements of aircraft operating into Gibraltar Airport. The overlay will allow Developers to “drop a pin” on the location they have decided to construct to discover the maximum height they are allowed to build and not impinge on the safe operation of aircraft operating from the Airport.

However, it should be noted that other height limitations may apply and thus early engagement with Town planning is recommended for any developer considering the construction of a tall building.

Links to the new overlay will be on the RAF Gibraltar website and the web pages of the Director of Civil Aviation and Town Planning on the Government of Gibraltar’s website.

The layer is available here:

Full screen version can be found here: